133 Paper Puns to Cut Through the Boredom!

paper puns

Hey there, pun-lovers and paper aficionados!

Get ready to dive into a world of whimsy with our collection of paper puns.

Crafting puns about paper can be as tricky as folding a paper crane blindfolded, but fear not!

Whether you’re a seasoned pun pro or just dipping your toes into the punny waters, this collection is for you.

So grab your pen, unleash your inner wordsmith, and let’s paper the world with laughter together!

Paper Puns

  • Oh ! Sheet.
  • Rapping paper !
  • My desk is a paper-nado!
  • Paper: the original tablet.
  • Don’t just wing it, paper it!
  • Origami: paper with flair.
  • Pen and paper, the original tweet.
  • Paper, where ideas take shape.
  • Let’s unfold this paper mystery!
  • Paperbacks: the original Kindle.
  • Wrinkled paper, wrinkled dreams.
  • I’m on a roll, like a paper towel!

  • I’m note’orious for my paper humor.
  • Paper jam: not just for printers!
  • Paper didn’t dance, it was too stiff.
  • Paper plates: the poor man’s china.
  • Paper-melon: the fruit of my labor.
  • Paper: where ink meets inspiration.
  • Wallpaper: room’s fashion statement.
  • I heard paper can be quite tear-iffic.
  • Paper: where thoughts become tangible.
  • I cut to the chase with my paper wordplay.
  • Don’t fold under pressure – Paper Strength.

Dont fold under pressure Paper Strength paper Puns

  • I’m a big fan of paper, it’s tearable.
  • Paper-thin excuses don’t hold up.
  • Miss you more than toilet paper!
  • The paper calendar’s days are numbered.
  • My ideas are flowing like ink on paper!
  • I made a paper boat, but it was all wet.
  • Let’s stick together like glue on paper.
  • Paper: where all the good plots thicken.
  • Paper holds a special piece of my heart.
  • Don’t be a sheet, recycling paper is easy!
  • Don’t be a sheet, show me some paper love!
  • Page-turner by day, paper folder by night.
  • Paper: the first page of every great idea.
  • I’m stuck on paper puns, they’re adhesive.
  • A scissor is what scares a paper the most.
  • A paper’s favorite sport is sheet surfing.
  • Let’s make a paper-plane for our paperwork!
  • A sheet of paper is worth a thousand words.
  • Writing on paper: the original touchscreen.
  • Paper trails lead to the write conclusions.
  • We make a great pair, like paper and pen!

  • They say money talks, but it whispers on paper.
  • Let’s ink our names on this paper-agreement.
  • This paperwork is piling up like a mountain!
  • I’m feeling creased from all this paperwork.
  • The paper said to the pen, I’m stuck on you!
  • Don’t worry, I’ll cut through this papermaze.
  • I’m your biggest fan – Paper Fan.

Im your biggest fan Paper Fan. paper Puns

  • Paper stays in shape with a good ream workout!
  • I cut to the chase when it comes to papercrafts.
  • I love working with paper, it’s my sheet joy.
  • Let’s iron out the wrinkles in this paper plan.
  • Can’t handle the stress? Just doodle on paper.
  • Paper is like music; it’s all about the notes.
  • The paperclip saw a therapist; it felt too attached.
  • I’m not just a paper pusher, I’m a paper magician!
  • She’s a real paper tiger, all bark and no bite.
  • Not all paper is recycled, but all my ideas are.
  • Let’s turn this paperweight into a paper-great!
  • In the world of paper, every sheet has a story.
  • Paper: bringing thoughts to life since forever.
  • I can’t fold under pressure, I’m made of paper.
  • The paper won the race because it was on a ream.
  • I told a piece of paper a joke, but it fell flat.
  • Paper airplanes: Where creativity meets aviation!
  • I’m always writing on paper, it’s my forte-folio.
  • Paper: the unsung hero of the office supply world.
  • Paper planes: the original fly-by-night operation.
  • I used to be addicted to paper, but I got cut off.
  • I’m folding under the weight of all this paperwork.
  • I’m feeling like a paperclip in a world of staples.
  • We’re on the same page!

Were on the same page paper Puns

  • Paper never forgets; it’s the original memory card.
  • I’m all about making paper planes that really soar.
  • A blank sheet of paper is a canvas for imagination.
  • A piece of paper with a bull on it is a bull sheet.
  • My humor is like recycled paper – it never gets old.
  • Tear it up, write it down – paper has all the feels.
  • Sticky situations are like glue on paper – temporary.
  • I’m folding under the pressure, but I’ll paper-severe!
  • I’m a real tear-jerker when it comes to ripping paper.
  • I’m having a rough paper day, I can’t even draw a blank!
  • The piece of paper went on vacation to finally unwind.
  • From scribbles to masterpieces, paper is my playground.
  • I’m so organized, even my paper clips have paper clips.
  • I bought a paper shredder, but it’s just not cutting it.
  • I tried to make a paper airplane, but it was plane awful.
  • I tried to write a play about paper, but it was tearable.
  • The toilet paper rolled down the hill to get to the bottom.
  • Toilet paper: the unsung hero of every bathroom adventure!
  • I’m not a printer, but I’m still making some serious paper.
  • I’m sharp as a pair of scissors when it comes to paper wit.
  • I see you have graph paper, you must be plotting something!
  • From paper airplanes to origami cranes, the sky’s the limit!
  • There’s no paper-ing over the fact that writing is my passion.
  • I’m feeling a bit creased today, must be all this paper talk.
  • The paper industry is on a roll, they’re on the cutting edge.
  • Life is like a blank sheet of paper, it’s what you make of it!
  • I see you have a graph paper; must be plotting something.
  • Write your own story – Paper Author.

Write your own story Paper Author. paper Puns

  • Spilled coffee on my paper – a real java script.
  • Folded, creased, written on – just another paper’s day.
  • The paper map misled me – not very fold-reliable.
  • Drowning in paperwork – it’s an underwater origami fest!
  • Paper bags: bagging worries and holding dreams!
  • Took my paper airplane to the gym for ‘air-robics’!
  • Life’s a sheet of paper: sometimes smooth, sometimes crumpled!
  • Paper towels: keeping your kitchen clean, one sheet at a time!
  • Never underestimate a paper cut—it leaves a lasting impression!
  • I’m feeling like a paper airplane, ready to soar to new heights.
  • I’m on a paper diet – I’m trying to cut back on my sheet intake.
  • My jokes are like paper airplanes – they always land with a flop!
  • Let’s not recycle old ideas, time to think outside the paper box.
  • I’m friends with a sheet of paper because it’s always stationery.
  • The toilet paper was unstoppable because it was always on a roll.
  • I told my paper airplane a joke, and it had a ‘papertastic’ laugh!
  • After walking on sandpaper, the dog said, “Rough, rough.”
  • Wrote a letter to my crush on paper, sealed with a kiss.
  • Feeling like a crumpled paper after that long meeting.
  • Stuck with all this paper, but at least I can stick jokes on it!
  • Wrapping paper: where artistry and anticipation ‘wrap’ up!
  • Paper bags: eco-friendly fashion in the recycling world!
  • Life’s like toilet paper – you never know how much is left!
  • Tried to fold a perfect paper airplane, but it crashed and burned.
  • Toilet paper may be thin, but it’s unrollably important!
  • Chasing paper, but sometimes I feel stuck in a recycle bin.
  • I was about to write on paper, but I didn’t have the write attitude.
  • I told my paper joke to a tree. It didn’t leaf me much of a response.
  • I’m a master at unleashing my inner artist with just a sheet of paper.
  • At the dance, the paper waltzed with the pen—they were drawn together.

As you say goodbye to our paper pun extravaganza, remember: laughter is potent, and puns are its elixir.

With your new pun arsenal, you’re equipped to sprinkle humor and wit into any moment.

Yet, beyond the laughs, puns teach us a profound lesson: even the simplest things, like paper, hold immense potential for joy and creativity.

So, embrace the puns, embrace the laughter, and embrace the endless possibilities within your imagination.

A pun a day truly keeps the frowns away!

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