131 Pen Puns To Sketch a Smile on Your Face!

Pen Puns

Hey, pun-lover! 🖋️ Feeling stuck when it comes to pen puns? Don’t fret!

We’ve got a treasure trove of wordplay that will recharge your creative inkwell.

In this article, we’re diving into a collection of puns that’ll have you laughing, wincing, and sharing them with everyone you know.

Get ready to unlock the pun-demonium and watch your social media game soar!

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Pen Puns

  • Keep calm and pen on!
  • This party is pen-tastic!
  • In a world of keyboards, be a pen.
  • I always draw the line with a pen.
  • Pen-etrating thoughts always flow.
  • A good pen is worth its ink in gold.
  • I’m inkredibly fond of you, pen-pal!
  • You can never have too many pen-pals.
  • Writing with a pen is just my type.
  • Mightier than the sword, but easier to misplace.

Mightier than the sword but easier to misplace. Pen Pun

  • Writing with a pen is quite inking!
  • Let’s ink about our future together.
  • Every pen has its own write of passage.
  • Writing with a broken pen is pointless.
  • Let’s take a stroll down the pen-insula.
  • I’m feeling ink-credibly inspired today!
  • Writing with you is always a pen-demonium.
  • Put your pen to paper and let’s create!
  • Pens are like bookmarks for your thoughts.
  • Drawing smiles one pen stroke at a time.
  • Pen-omenal ideas are just a scribble away.
  • The teacher gave me a pen-alty for my for my bad handwriting.
  • Let’s make a pen-sive statement together.
  • Pen-tastic! It’s the write tool for the job.
  • Life’s a journey, so make sure to penjoy it.
  • Let’s ink about it and sign with penfidence.
  • I pen-d a lot of time thinking about the essay.
  • A pen’s life motto: Ink it ’til you make it.
  • My pen collection is mightier than the sword!
  • I’m on a roll, pen-ning puns left and right.
  • Ink-credible power at your fingertips.

Ink credible power at your fingertips. Pen Pun

  • I’m write here waiting for your pen-sation.
  • Don’t be blue, just write it down with a pen.
  • I’m really drawn to you, like a pen to paper.
  • This pen is my write-hand tool for creativity.
  • I’m just a pen-dulum swinging between words.
  • A day without puns is like a day without a pen.
  • Let’s pen-ticipate in this essay writing competition together.
  • My love for you is like a never-ending inkwell.
  • Ink-siderate people always return borrowed pens.
  • I’m not a regular pen user; I’m a cool pen user.
  • When life gives you lemons, just pen a new story!
  • I picked up a pen and a yen while I was in Japan.
  • When life gets tough, just pen-d your thoughts.
  • Pen-tastic! Let’s ink-vite some fun into our day.
  • A pen in the hand is worth two in the desk drawer.
  • I’m pen-t up with excitement whenever I see you.
  • In the world of puns, I’m a pen-tathlon champion.
  • Pens are the write tools for creative expression.
  • My pen is my partner in crime; we’re a dynamic duo.
  • Click, write, repeat – the pen-dulum of creativity.

Click write repeat – the pen dulum of creativity. Pen Pun

  • When in doubt, just grab a pen and ink it through.
  • Some people find their soulmate; I found my pen-mate.
  • You inkredibly brighten my day, like a shining pen.
  • In the pen-dulum of life, may happiness be your ink.
  • Don’t pen-d too much time overthinking – just write!
  • When life gets tough, just keep pen-ning your thoughts.
  • My pen and I have a great relationship, we’re pen pals!
  • My handwriting’s iffy, but my pen collection? Top-notch!
  • Don’t be so blue, pen-tastic things are coming your way!
  • I’m so pen-sitive, I can’t handle the ink-stress anymore.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that a sharp pen isn’t write.
  • I can’t draw, but I can pen-t a pretty picture with words.
  • My favorite type of pen? The one that’s write for the job!
  • Let’s seal the deal with a signature pen stroke of genius.
  • I’m on a roll with these pen puns; they just keep flowing!
  • Pens are like friends, always there to lend a helping ink.
  • This pen has a point to make; it’s a stroke of genius!
  • I’m in a pickle without my trusty fountain pen by my side.
  • The ink-credible power of the pen never ceases to amaze.
  • The final frontier: Pen-space.

The final frontier Pen space. Pen Pun

  • Don’t worry, I’ll stick a pen in it and make it all better!
  • Our friendship is un-pen-dable, never running out of ink.
  • Life’s a sketch, so make it colorful with your pen-manship.
  • My pen-ultimate goal is to make people laugh with my puns.
  • I can’t find my favorite pen… it must have been inkognito!
  • My favorite way to procrastinate is by browsing pen catalogs.
  • This pen is so note-worthy, it deserves a standing ovation!
  • This pen is write on the mark; it’s a pen-tastic creation!
  • I brought a magic pen to the party, it was simply ink-redible!
  • My pen is like a comedian, always jotting down puns on paper.
  • I’m on a pen-sive journey to find the perfect pen for writing.
  • I’m not a big fan of the pencil, but I’m really drawn to pens.
  • I’m pen-couraged by the progress I’ve made on my writing today.
  • I bought a new pen that writes so well, it’s truly out-pen-ding!
  • I have to go to the store, I need to buy a new pen and some ten.
  • I wanted to write a love letter, but the ink of my heart ran dry.
  • My pen refuses to write with any other ink, it’s very pen-dantic.
  • A good pen is like a loyal friend – always there when you need it.
  • Don’t leave your pens lying around; they might get a bit pen-itive.
  • Pen-ning my thoughts, one click at a time.

Pen ning my thoughts one click at a time. Pen Pun

  • When the pen is mightier than the sword, it’s time to write history.
  • These puns about pens are quite sharp – they really get to the point!
  • I’m in a pen-dulum mood today, swinging between using different pens.
  • I can’t seem to find my favorite pen, I guess it’s gone with the wind.
  • Requested an autograph, got a pen-doodle masterpiece from the artist!
  • Don’t worry, I’m not pen-ning up all my puns, I’ll share them with you!
  • Comedian’s talking pen joke flopped – pen-sive humor got no laughs.
  • I’m experiencing a bit of writer’s blockage with my favorite pens today.
  • Let’s ink our names on the pages of history, forever penning our legacy.
  • I keep my pens organized by color; it’s my pen-tastic rainbow collection.
  • I never get bored with pens; they’re always jotting down new possibilities.
  • Feeling a bit inky? Let’s doodle our way out of it with some pen art therapy.
  • He’s such a smooth operator; he can pen a deal even in a room full of sharks!
  • I need a pen-dorsement deal from a stationery company for all the pens I use.
  • I couldn’t resist falling for you, you have a magnetic personality like a pen!
  • I couldn’t find my favorite pen, so I meditated instead and found my inner zen.
  • Once a banker, lost interest; now I’m trying to make ends meet with my pen.
  • The farmer wanted to write a letter, but his chicken stole his pen.

The farmer wanted to write a letter but his chicken stole his pen Pen Pun

  • She’s a pro at drawing a line in the sand when it comes to setting boundaries.
  • She’s always pen-ning her thoughts in her journal; it’s her way of inking about life.
  • I heard the restaurant serves a special pen-cake for breakfast – it must be a write-off!
  • I can’t pen-alize myself for losing another pen, but I definitely need to be more careful.
  • The librarian was reading a book about pens when suddenly, the pen-ultimate page was missing!
  • I always carry a pen with me because you never know when you’ll need to jot down a pen-derful idea.
  • Asked the doc to fix my handwriting, got a pen-icillin prescription for my scribble troubles!
  • Couldn’t find my pen, so I grabbed a pencil – talk about drawing outside the lines! Let’s get creative!
  • They say there are no mistakes in art, just happy accidents. Well, my pen has certainly had its fair share of happy scribbles!
  • It’s raining cats and pens outside, I’ll need to use a waterproof pen.

Its raining cats and pens outside Ill need to use a waterproof pen. Pen Pun

  • Why did the pen go to art school? It wanted to draw attention.
  • Why did the pen go to the comedy club? It wanted to sharpen its wit.
  • The pen wanted to be a singer, but it didn’t have the write notes.
  • The ballpoint pen was feeling blue because it couldn’t find its cap.
  • Every time I try to write a pun, the pen just says, ‘You’re inkredible!’
  • The pen staged a strike, claiming the paper was sheeting it unfairly.
  • The pen was accused of murder, but it claimed it was just a writing utensil.
  • Farmer had to sign papers, faced a choice: his pen or his den of ducks.
  • The pen and the pencil had a race, but the pen won because it had a write of way.
  • The pen and the pencil had an argument, but they eventually inked a compromise.
  • I tried to tell a ghost story, but my pen was too scared to write the spooky ending!
  • My pen fell for a paperclip, but their love story was pretty stationery – they just couldn’t move forward!

And there you have it, pun aficionado! 🎉

You’ve just embarked on a pun-derful journey through the world of pen puns, and we hope your creative inkwell is overflowing with inspiration.

Puns are a universal language of laughter, and you now hold the key to creating moments of joy for yourself and those around you.

So go ahead and embrace the pun-demonium!

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