104 Turkey Puns to Make Your Thanksgiving Hilarious!

Turkey Puns

Hey there, digital wanderer! You didn’t just stumble here; you were destined for this hilarity haven.

We’ve scoured the pun world, delivering top-tier giggles directly to you. Think you’re ready for a laugh? We’re packed with more surprises than a turkey’s got plumage.

Dive into these turkey puns and become the life of the group chat, dishing out grins with every text.

Scroll on for not just a chuckle, but your title as the ultimate pun champion. 🦃✨

Turkey Puns

Talk turkey to me.- Turkey Pun

  • Talk turkey to me!
  • She’s the turkey of the town.
  • You’ve got the gobble-itis!
  • I’m so stuffed, I must be a turkey!
  • Turkey trots are my jam.
  • You had me at turkey.
  • You’re the gravy to my turkey!

You're the gravy to my turkey!- Turkey Pun

  • Keep calm and gobble on.
  • That’s a turkey of an idea.
  • Turkey’s done, forking time!
  • Turkey trot like it’s hot.
  • That movie was turkey-riffic!
  • Gobble-cious turkey, my favourite!
  • Turkey: the centerpiece of every poultriot.
  • Feather you like it or not, it’s turkey time!
  • Feeling thankful? Or just feeling turkey?
  • Feeling fowl? Must be the turkey talking.

Feeling 'fowl'? Must be the turkey talking.- Turkey Pun

  • Turkey and gravy, what a saucy combo!
  • Don’t be a turkey and take the blame.
  • Don’t be a bird-brain, pass the turkey!
  • I ate so much turkey I might fowl over.
  • Let’s talk turkey: who’s ready for seconds?
  • Pie am so very grateful for this turkey.
  • Avoid fowl play this holiday, serve turkey.
  • Let’s cut to the chase – and the turkey.
  • Be grateful and be plump, just like your turkey.
  • Don’t be a jerky, share that turkey!

Don't be a jerky, share that turkey!- Turkey Pun

  • I’m feeling peck-ish for some turkey.
  • I feel like I need my passport with all this Turkey.
  • This turkey tastes funny. It’s a quir-key.
  • I’m stuffed with work, no time to turkey around.
  • Your turkey’s so fat, it should be called Plumpkin.
  • Let’s talk turkey, not dollars.
  • She’s talking turkey, and we’re all ears!
  • Time to get basted and taste the fun!
  • Don’t be a turkey lurkey – join the fun!
  • Feeling grateful? Must be a turkey’s worst nightmare.
  • Turkey: The only animal that’s stuffed more than a piñata.
  • Feather or not you like it, this turkey’s the star.

Feather or not you like it, this turkey's the star.- Turkey Pun

  • Talk turkey to me—it’s all about the baste things in life.
  • Turkeys: historically, the first to pioneer the “no fly” list.
  • A turkey’s favorite chair? The roosting spot.
  • A penny for your thoughts, but a turkey for your Thanksgiving musings.
  • Turkeys give thanks to vegetarians—no meat, no problem!
  • Smir-key, Per-ky, Quir-key Turkey.
  • Be the early turkey and get the feast!
  • Fam knows the tur-key to my heart.
  • This turkey’s been gobbling up attention!

This turkey's been 'gobbling' up attention!- Turkey Pun

  • Get stuffed with turkey, not with your in-laws’ stories.
  • Feather you like it or not, we’re eating turkey tonight!
  • You’ve got to be clucking kidding me – no turkey left?
  • Spice things up this Thanksgiving – add a little turkey to your life!
  • I smoked too much now I feel like this turkey- absolutely baked.
  • This year for thanksgiving I booked a flight to Turkey.
  • A turkey on the run is essentially fast food on feet.
  • No feast too vast, I’ll gobble it with turk-ease!
  • The best part about turkey is when I get to turk-eat.
  • We don costumes on Halloween; turkeys don garnishes on Thanksgiving.
  • He attended the fancy conference to be the tur-keynote speaker!

He attended the fancy conference to be the tur-keynote speaker! - Turkey Pun

  • A turkey after Thanksgiving is indeed one lucky bird!
  • Turkeys don’t age, they just ferment like fine whiskey.
  • Turkeys don’t drink whiskey, they just gobble it.
  • Turkey: because chicken’s just not plucky enough.
  • At the bar, the turkey’s favorite drink is a quick whisk-key.
  • The turkey’s always in trouble – he’s a real per-key.
  • A turkey crossed the road to prove it wasn’t chicken.
  • Feeling perky after that coffee? Must be a brew from Turkey!
  • When the turkey hosts a party, it’s always a wing-ding.
  • That turkey’s a poet, calls it poultry in verse.
  • You don’t mess with a turkey – they’ve got peck-tacular strength.

You don’t mess with a turkey – they’ve got peck-tacular strength.- Turkey Pun

  • This conversation is more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey!
  • That turkey’s a boxer, watch out for his peck-out punch.
  • The turkey’s got a flair for the dramatic, calls it poultry in motion.
  • That turkey’s got game, always struts like he’s featherweight champion.
  • Turkey – the only bird that gets a presidential pardon!
  • This turkey’s a baker because he’s got the best rolls.
  • Turkeys don’t give lectures, they just talk turkey.
  • Talk about a jive turkey, he’s the disco king of the barnyard.
  • The poul-tern turkey got a promotion, well-deserved!
  • Turkey leftovers – the gift that keeps gobbling!
  • He opened a turkey store – it’s called “Gobble & Wobble.”

He opened a turkey store – it's called Gobble & Wobble.- Turkey Pun

  • I’m craving turkey like a pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving feast!
  • Turkey and stuffing sitting in a tree, T-U-R-K-E-Y-I-N-G!
  • Keep your friends close and your turkeys closer this holiday season.
  • Stuff your dreams like a turkey—make them a feast of reality!
  • Feeling grateful – not just for the turkey, but for the whole gravy boat.
  • When it comes to leftovers, don’t play chicken – be a turkey and gobble them up!
  • That turkey’s not just stuffed with stuffing—it’s stuffed with punchlines!
  • Count not just your chickens but your turkeys too, for they aspire to higher perches!
  • That turkey’s workout was intense today. He really winged it!
  • Poultry in motion as the ruler of the roost.

poultry in motion as the ruler of the roost.- Turkey Pun

  • Turkey taste so good, make you smile real wide.
  • An Istanbul bird is quite literally a Turkish turkey.
  • Our Thanksgiving turkey strutted like it was invincible—perky before the pluck!
  • Soar in your career like a turkey vulture—spotting opportunities from afar and swooping in for the success!
  • It’s not about the size of the turkey in the fight, but about the size of the fight in the turkey!
  • When turkeys get into a fight, they get the stuffing knocked out of them.
  • This turkey’s so delicious it deserves a pardon from Thanksgiving exclusivity!
  • Skip the turkey sandwiches—serve me up some turkey with a dollop of poul-tart sauce!
  • I used to be a gym rat, now I’m just a turkey stuffing my feathers!
  • The turkey hit the books to get a degree in Egg-nomics!
  • Ever seen a turkey texting? He was sending a peck-message.
  • The turkey’s favorite dessert? Peach gobbler.
  • The turkey joined a gym to work on its poul-try muscles!

The turkey joined a gym to work on its poul-try muscles!- Turkey Pun

And just like that, you’re equipped with an array of turkey puns to enliven any chat.

Seize this chance to be the orchestrator of online joy. Let these puns lift the spirits and transform your conversations.

Go on, let your humor soar and watch your chat threads ascend into a realm of laughter and collective cheer. 🦃💬✨

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