139 Hand Puns That Will Have You Clapping With Laughter!

Hand Puns

Hey there, pun enthusiasts!

Ever found yourself needing a hand pun but coming up empty-handed?

We’ve all been there, desperately seeking the perfect play on words.

But worry not, because this article is here to lend you a hand and ensure you’re never out of witty, hand-related quips again.

Ready to dive into a world of hand-picked hilarity?

Let’s get started!

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Hand Puns

  • Hand in glove.
  • Keep it handy!
  • Talk to the hand!
  • Hand-le with care!
  • Handmade with love.
  • A hand full of joy.
  • Hand-me-down wisdom.
  • Hand in hand we stand.
  • I’m all hands on deck.
  • Hand in hand, we stand.
  • Hand-crafted with love.
  • Hands up for the weekend!
  • Keep calm and hand-le it!
  • Caught red-handed in fun!
  • I’m hands down the winner!
  • Offhand comments welcomed.
  • We’re hand-in-hand on this.
  • Hand-icap your expectations.
  • Handsome is as handsome does.
  • Hands off—this pie’s all mine!
  • Hold my hand, we’ll go places.
  • I’m in good hands!

Im in good hands

  • Handstand competitions are fun.
  • High-five for giving me a hand!
  • Handle every situation like a pro!
  • Handwritten letters are a lost art.
  • Talk to the hand—my ears are tired!
  • Hand it to you on a silver platter.
  • Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
  • A clumsy hand is called afumblehand.
  • Hands play cards by dealing with it.
  • This deserves a round of hand-plause!
  • I’m not just any hand, I’m a handful!
  • A hand wave beats a poker face any day.
  • You’ve got the upper hand in card tricks!
  • The hand went to the party to wave hello.
  • Let’s give a big hand for a job well done!
  • A hand that’s always cold is a palm-sicle.
  • Hands bring finger sandwiches to a picnic.
  • The kind of music hands love is jazz hands.
  • A hand’s favorite superhero is Spider-hand.
  • A hand’s favorite exercise is Palm Pilates.
  • A hand always at the beach is a sandy hand.
  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  • Hand-picked just for you!

Hand picked just for you

  • The palm of my hand is feeling quite lonely.
  • A hand that’s really fast is a “quick” hand.
  • Don’t hand-le me with care, I’m not a fruit!
  • A hand always late is a hand-ful of excuses.
  • He’s a handyman; he hand-les everything well!
  • A hand writes a love letter with handwriting.
  • I can’t keep my hands off this delicious cake.
  • I’ve got the upper hand in this game of cards.
  • I’d give you a hand, but I’m all thumbs today.
  • A hand that’s always on time is a second hand.
  • A hand’s favorite dance move is the hand jive.
  • The hand went to art school to draw attention.
  • The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
  • My hand’s so smart, it has a PhD in palm-istry.
  • The tree that fits in your hand is a palm tree.
  • The hand hit the gym to get ‘hand-some’ and fit.
  • My hand’s so strong, it can lift your spirits.
  • My hand’s in sync, it’s a real team player.
  • A hand’s favorite game is rock, paper, scissors.
  • This hand is so artistic, it deserves a hand-shake.
  • Hands play hide-and-seek with thumbs-up signals.
  • Don’t worry, I’ll handle this with my bare hands.
  • A hand’s favorite singer must be Palm McCartney.
  • A hand that can’t stop laughing is a giggle palm.
  • A hand wave beats a poker face any day.
  • Life’s a beach, but for your hands, it’s just sandsational.
  • I punched my monitor and now my hand really hertz.
  • When gloves fall in love, they become hand-in-glove.
  • There are around a handful of bones in a human hand.
  • My hand’s a magician, a true sleight of hand artist.
  • A helping hand.

A helping hand 1

  • A hand that’s good at telling tales is a palm-reader.
  • A hand that’s always lucky is called a winning hand.
  • Hands excel at basketball—they’re ball handlers.
  • Hands and arms joke often, they find it humerus.
  • The clock hands split—no time for each other.
  • Trust a hand with secrets—they excel at cover-ups.
  • The hand went to the spa for a relaxing palm reading.
  • Trying to keep my hands clean in this messy situation!
  • I want to open a glove shop. It’s a hands-on business.
  • Don’t show your hand too soon, especially if it’s a royal flush.
  • Keep your friends close and your handkerchiefs closer.
  • A hand’s favorite dessert is finger-lickin’ good cake.
  • The left hand said to the right, We make a great pair.
  • If you need help, don’t wait to ask. I’m always hand-y!
  • A helping hand is always better than a pointing finger.
  • Never argue with left handed people, they’re not right.
  • My hand is always up for a high-five – it’s palm-tastic!
  • When hands take a selfie, it’s always a big round of applause!
  • Love summer on one hand, hate sweaty palms on the other!
  • Lost my watch, but I’ve got my hands to keep me on time.
  • The hand went to the gym to become a handlebar mustache.
  • The hand joined the circus to be the hand-balancing act.
  • Hands down, fingers make the best sign language speakers.
  • Don’t take me for granite – I’m quite handy with my hands.
  • I’ve got to hand it to you – you’re really good at waving!
  • I got a hand it to you, that’s a finger-licking good idea!
  • A hand that’s great at making deals is called a handshake.
  • I have to hand it to you; you really nailed that handshake.
  • I’ve got to hand it to you, that was quite the performance!
  • I’ve got a grip on things, handing out help left and right.
  • A hand wins an argument by providing a “hand”-ful of proof.
  • Life’s a beach, but for your hands, it’s just sandsational.
  • When life gives you lemons, make sure to hand-squeeze them.
  • A polite hand gesture in the library is called a hush-hand.
  • I washed my hands of it—it was just too soap-er complicated.
  • A hand’s favorite body of water is the Gulf of Hand-holding.
  • If hands could talk, mine would do a lot of finger-pointing.
  • The hand went to the bakery to get a hand-le on fresh bread.
  • My fingers were protesting, so I told them to give me a hand.
  • Don’t show your hand too soon, unless it’s at the manicurist.
  • My hand’s so talented, every finger is a thumb of all trades.
  • Hand it Over!

A helping hand

  • In the world of puppetry, every day is a hands-on experience.
  • A vocalist singing with the hand shower is called a Faucetto.
  • rying to cheer up my friend, but I need to nail the high-five.
  • My nails are getting too long and they’re growing out of hand.
  • When hands take a selfie, it’s always a big round of applause!
  • The hand wore sunglasses to be hand-some and protect its eyes.
  • A hand’s favorite sport is boxing—because they get to glove up!
  • I want to open a store for thieves. It’ll be calledSecond-Hand’.
  • I’m all ears and ten fingers for any hand-related jokes you have.
  • I’m not one to sit on my hands; I always take action when needed.
  • The hand went to the doctor because it was feeling a little thumb.
  • Hands in the air like you just don’t care—but please care a little.
  • I’ll give you a hand, but don’t come running to me for palm-reading!
  • Never underestimate the power of a firm handshake—it can open doors!
  • When hands wave, it’s just them flaunting their communication skills.
  • I’m not a fan of clapping; I prefer to give a silent hand of approval.
  • My hand likes to do magic tricks. It’s quite a sleight of hand artist.
  • Never brush your teeth with your left hand; a toothbrush works better.
  • I’m trying to keep my finger on the pulse, but I don’t have a handy device.
  • You really have to hand it to short people… Because often they can’t reach it!
  • The best hand to write a letter with is neither; you should always write letters with a pen.

And there you have it, a treasure trove of hand puns to keep you laughing and your friends impressed.

These puns aren’t just jokes—they’re a way to see the world from a playful, pun-filled perspective.

Spread the laughter, let these puns help you see the lighter side of life, and remember, a good pun is always within reach!

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