104 Apple Puns to Juice Up This Fall Season!

Apple Puns

Hey there, social savvy superstar! Feeling stuck in the seed when it comes to sprinkling your chats and posts with zesty puns?

Today, though, you’re about to harvest the cream of the crop in apple punnery.

So, pull up a chair and take a bite. This juicy journey is for you, the pun enthusiasts who light up feeds and spark cider-sweet smiles.

Before you know it, you’ll be the apple of your followers’ eyes.

Let’s make some pun magic!

Apple Puns

  • You are the apple of my eye-pad.
  • You’re the apple of my eye-phone.
  • Apple-ogies for my fruity behavior!
  • Don’t upset the apple tart.
  • I’m red-y to apple-y myself.
  • This apple dish? It’s tree-mendous!
  • She has an apple-tite for fun!
  • Let’s have a huge round of apple-lause for her performance.
  • This might be apple-surd, but I love apple.
  • Apple’s latest invention: the iCore.
  • They lived apple-y ever after.

They lived Apple y Ever After Apple Pun

  • Siri-ously, these apples are top of the orchard.
  • Apple’s new phone is seed-uctive tech
  • This apple’s so smart, it thinks in Pi.
  • Apple products are core to my existence.
  • An apple a day can’t keep these puns away!
  • If Apple made a car, would it have Windows?
  • Apple fanatics don’t change, they just upgrade.
  • Orange you glad I didn’t bring up apples again?
  • Bought a broken apple, it was a soft-ware issue.
  • She has a-peeling personality, like a fine apple
  • When I dropped my apple, it became a Rolling Mac.
  • I had to apple-ogize to the fruit bowl. I upset the apple cart.
  • Stuck in a jam again? Must be the apple of my pie.
  • This apple is so rich, it must be a Gold Macintosh.
  • Apple of my Pi.

Apple of my Pi Apple Pun

  • When apples get together, it’s a real Mac gathering.
  • Life is like an apple–full of seeds but still sweet.
  • Let’s get to the core of the Apple’s privacy policy.
  • The apple went to the bakery to rise to the occasion.
  • I bought an Apple TV, but all it shows is pie charts.
  • When Apple employees get sick, they take vitamin i-C.
  • I’m reading a book on Apple products, it’s i-opening.
  • After eating a lot of apples, he became a real fruitful person.
  • Siri told me a joke about an apple – it was Mac-nificent!
  • The apple bragged about its core competency – being delicious!
  • Apple-ying makeup is harder when you’re constantly eating fruit.
  • It takes a lot of core-age to jump out of an apple plane!
  • The apple never got lost; it always took the scenic root.
  • I keep all my apples in my iBasket – it’s very portable!
  • The Big Apple Adventure.

The Big Apple Adventure Apple Pun

  • Adam and Eve had a lot at stake at the first Apple keynote.
  • Apples are sweet and sometimes a little tart.
  • An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough.
  • I’m crunching numbers to find the perfect apple for you.
  • Apple seeds and a jackal’s deeds – both sprout the unexpected.
  • Get tech-refreshed with iJuice – your Apple-y ever after drink!
  • Apple announced a new fruit, the iBerry. It’s not a BlackBerry.
  • Apple and Pineapple: a smoothie romance blend till the bitter end.
  • Apple’s tech support is great. They always address the core issue.
  • I couldn’t buy just one apple. They were in apple-ling bundle deal.
  • Apple’s latest hit – the AirPods, for when your fruit wants to jam.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but Apple Pay keeps debts at bay!
  • Apple’s calendar is always full. It’s booked solid until cider-day.
  • Tried to swipe an apple, but it felt off. Forbidden fruit’s no joke!
  • An Apple a day keeps the boredom away.

An Apple a day keeps the boredom away Apple Pun

  • Apple stores aren’t as crowded; guess people need their personal space.
  • Don’t sit under that apple tree; you might get to the core of the problem!
  • I told my friend not to steal an apple, but he took it as an in-cider joke.
  • I couldn’t decide if I wanted to eat an apple or grapple with my feelings.
  • If you’re feeling down, just remember there’s always apple-y times ahead.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away – unless he’s cute, then skip the apple.
  • I tried to lose weight with technology, now that’s what I call apple-thinning!
  • I’m not saying my friend is picky, but she only eats apples that are a byte off.
  • When the apple pie was gone, it was a bittersweet moment – mostly sweet, though!
  • At the diner, I ordered an apple with my scrapple, making it a fruit and meat treat.
  • I don’t trust people who don’t like apples; they clearly have questionable core values.
  • Autocorrect’s the real apple of discord in texting – keeps turning my thoughts into fruit salad!
  • The apple performed at the fruit talent show and received a round of apple-lause.

The apple performed at the fruit talent show and received a round of apple lause. Apple Pun

  • The apple split from the watermelon, finding their relationship seedlessly fruitless.
  • I tried to make a fruit salad, but the apple said, “I’m not ready to date yet, I’m still single!”
  • I asked the apple what its core values were, and it said, ‘Just be sweet and a-peel to everyone!’
  • Saucy apple got in trouble – thought it was in apple sauce!
  • At the fruit party, the apple was a real smoothie operator.
  • The apple visited the doctor – its peeling days were over.
  • The apple was glued to its phone for its iPeel factor.
  • Apples never fall in love; they just have crushes.
  • When the apple got lost, it used its Map-pe.
  • When apples go bad, do they use iCloud storage?
  • My apple’s favorite dance move? The Macarena.
  • Slice to meet you, said the apple to the knife.
  • My Mac got hungry and took a byte out of an apple!
  • Saw an apple doing math – it was using Pi.

Saw an apple doing math – it was using Pi Apple Pun

  • In the orchard, the apple tree felt out of place among the maples.
  • When apples get online, do they browse Safari or the Orchard?
  • iPhone to the apple: Guess we’re family, we’re both big on cores!
  • If an apple wrote a book, would it be an iBook or a cookbook?
  • Apple on a beach vacation? Now that’s what I call a Sand-Mac.
  • I asked the apple for advice, and it said, ‘Think fruitful thoughts.’
  • What do you call an apple that can sing? A medley macintosh!
  • The apple went on a date; it wanted to find the perfect pear.
  • An apple’s favorite bar? The salad bar, for hard-core drinks.
  • The apple went to the bank but left because it was too seedy.
  • Apple’s new iPeel – it’s revolutionizing the way we remove skins.
  • The apple halted its roll down the hill – juiceless and out of steam!
  • Don’t sit under the Apple tree with anyone else but me.

Dont sit under the Apple tree with anyone else but me Apple Pun

  • When my apple joined a network, it became the LAN-tern of the orchard.
  • The apple refused to go to the gym, saying it was already well-juiced.
  • The apple started a blog; it wanted to share its daily peels of wisdom.
  • I told the apple it was grounded, but it said, I’m not a pomme-de-terre!
  • The apple went to school because it wanted to improve its core curriculum.
  • The apple got into a fight with the orange, and now they’re both in a real jam.
  • Mid-argument, one apple to the other: “Despite it all, you’re still a-peeling!”
  • If an apple started a blog, would it be called iBlog or Granny’s Smith Thoughts?

Well, would ya look at that? You’re now officially apple-solutely equipped to juice up any conversation with a bushel of puns.

So go on, take these puns and let them blossom into conversations, relationships, and a vibrant social presence.

With each witty apple pun, you’re sowing seeds of joy that’ll bear fruit in more ways than one.

Let’s raise a glass of cider to that! 🍏👏

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