144 Wedding Puns So Cheesy You’ll Want to Elope!

Wedding Puns

Ready your toasts and hold onto your bouquets, folks!

We’re diving into a pun-filled bash that’ll charm the socks off even the most stoic of uncles.

If the thought of not nailing wedding humor has you more nervous than a bride at a bouquet toss, relax, you’re in expert hands.

Gear up for punchy one-liners that promise marital bliss and giggles.

Wedding Puns

  • Keep calm and say I do.
  • Keep calm and marry on.
  • Tie the knot, make it hot.
  • Wedded bliss is a-marry-zing!
  • A wedding to knot forget.
  • We’re on cloud nine-tie!
  • A perfect pair, in wed-lock!
  • Ring-ing in the new chapter!
  • Wedding our way through life together.
  • Couple’s wedding: Total hitch fest.
  • The geologist’s wedding rocked.
  • The tailor’s wedding was sew-sew.
  • Wedding our souls in eternal love.
  • Bride’s herb bouquet: Sage decision.
  • Marry me and let’s taco ’bout forever!

  • From ‘I do’ to ‘we do everything together.’
  • Where there’s a wedding, there’s a way.

Where theres a wedding theres a way. Wedding Pun e1707319321801

  • It’s a nice day for a light wedding.
  • Found my lobster; now let’s shell-ebrate!

  • Bride’s dress twirl: Tutu magical day!
  • Bride’s aisle grace: Aisle-outstanding.
  • The gardener’s wedding was plant-tastic.
  • Our wedding march is on – parade we go!
  • After the I dos, comes the we did it!
  • Tonight, we dance and wed-carpet the floor!

  • Wedding on cloud nine after saying ‘I do’.
  • We’re head over heels into this marriage.
  • Marriage is quite the tulle of the heart.
  • Groom’s ring splurge: worth more than ‘I do’!
  • We’re getting wed in wedlock!

Were getting wed in wedlock Wedding Pun

  • Sealing the deal with a wedding ring to it.
  • Our wedding had a nice ring to it. Literally.
  • Marriage: where Yes Dear are the magic words.
  • Wedding cake delight: Slice of paradise, twice!
  • Talk about a match made in matrimonial heaven!
  • The DJ’s playlist at the wedding was note-worthy.
  • Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.
  • Our wedding was so fun, it was full of marry-ment!
  • It’s mint to be – a refreshing take on our wedding!
  • You had me at I dough – a wedding fit for a baker!
  • Love is brewing—cheers to the bride and brew!
  • Husband and wifi—perfect connection!
  • Wedding: where two hearts become one… and so do their bank accounts.

Wedding where two hearts become one. and so do their bank accounts. Wedding Pun

  • We’re wedding our appetites for a lifetime of love.
  • The baker at the wedding was bread-y for the big day.
  • This is just the beginning of our weddingful journey.
  • Love is in the air, and we’re wedding it all sink in!
  • You’re my better half, let’s halve some cake!
  • Walking down the aisle? More like the wedding runway!
  • After the wedding, we’ll be wedding our beds together!
  • The florist’s job at the wedding was a blooming success.
  • They wed on the farm to knot amidst a rustic backdrop.
  • It’s our wedding day, and we’re in love more than ever!
  • Marrying a chef? You’re in for a whirlwind whisk romance!
  • Tying the knot, not the noose!

Tying the knot not the noose Wedding Pun

  • After the wedding, we’re not stuck, we’re just wed-locked!
  • At the astronaut’s wedding, the love was out of this world.
  • The wedding cake was so delicious, it really took the cake!
  • Ready to take the wedding plunge – no life vest required.
  • Are we late for the wedding? No, we’re just in marry time.
  • They said ‘I do’ to each other and ‘I don’t’ to anyone else.
  • Getting married means you have to altar your thinking a bit.
  • Our wedding is like a library – full of storybook romances.
  • Why are weddings like a concert? They both have a ring-leader!
  • I heard the wedding at the fish market was off the scale.

I heard the wedding at the fish market was off the scale. Wedding Pun

  • Are you a wedding planner? Because you just organized my heart.
  • Getting married in a coffee shop would be a brew-tiful wedding.
  • Knot your average love story – we tied the knot wedding style!
  • Our love story is no fantasy – it’s a fairy tale with a wedding!
  • No reservations about this union – our wedding was fully booked!
  • Our wedding was so beautiful, even the cake was in tiers of joy!
  • Gaining a son, losing cash: Wedding bills, the new family splash!
  • Aisle be there at your wedding!
  • A wedding at an aquarium would be fin-tastic, just for the halibut!
  • Marriage is a three-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.

Marriage is a three ring circus engagement ring wedding ring and suffering. Wedding Pun

  • Can’t wait for the electrician’s wedding; sparks will fly for sure!
  • They had a shotgun wedding, but no one could rifle their happiness.
  • Rivers’ meet from my window: Nature’s own seamless stream wedding.
  • She’s marrying Mr. Right—Right time, right place, and right decision!
  • The couple had a winter wedding, it was a snow-tacular celebration.
  • The couple’s wedding was seamless, just like their perfect threading!
  • At the wedding, the electrician was delighted to make the connection.
  • We signed off on a love lease with no expiration – a lifelong wedding!
  • Sealing the deal with a splash – this cake proves love really is the greatest catch!

Sealing the deal with a splash this cake proves love really is the greatest catch Wedding Pun

  • At the spy’s wedding, they vowed to love each other even in shredding.
  • The vampire’s wedding was at night because two can live as bat as one.
  • The groom’s vows were so sweet, they made everyone say ahh-marriage.
  • The fire dancers’ wedding was hot – the couple sparked joy in everyone.
  • The librarian’s wedding was by the book, but the vows were truly novel.
  • For the clockmaker’s wedding, their love was second to none and timely.
  • Groom’s joy: feeling like a winner. Bride’s smile: she’s the persuader!
  • The wedding on the moon was great, but it certainly lacked atmosphere.

The wedding on the moon was great but it certainly lacked atmosphere. Wedding Pun

  • Weddings are so expensive, it should be called matrimoan-y!
  • By joining this wedding, you consent to be an eye-witness to our love!
  • At our wedding, we decided to cake a chance on a non-traditional dessert.
  • The wedding baker didn’t mind the dough—it was all for a flawless knead!
  • At the wedding, their first dance was so in sync—it was pure matrimo-neat!
  • The techies’ wedding had everyone searching for the perfect ‘I do’ upgrade.
  • The groom told his bride that she was the ring-redient to his happiness.
  • The groom’s favorite part of the wedding was  exchanging vow-els!
  • The wedding cake was shaped like a castle, it was a truly royal treat.

The wedding cake was shaped like a castle it was a truly royal treat. Wedding Pun

  • The bird enthusiast’s wedding was truly unique – it was a fledging ceremony!
  • We wanted a big wedding, so we decided we cantaloupe… I mean, can’t elope!
  • Marriage is a three-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.
  • The baker’s marriage is crumbling, and it’s not even the wedding loaf’s fault.
  • Marriage: Starts with hearts and a diamond, ends wishing for a club and spade!
  • The bride was so excited for the wedding, she was gown the aisle in no time.
  • The tennis wedding: love meant nothing before they served.
  • The photographer’s wedding: picture-perfect but took time to develop.
  • The mathematician’s wedding: odd until he found the one to add to his prime.
  • A fairy-tale flavor – where every slice is a piece of the castle!

A fairy tale flavor – where every slice is a piece of the castle Wedding Pun

  • Some marriages are made in heaven, but they all have to be maintained on earth.
  • Did you hear about the wedding of the pastry chef? It was a flan-tastic affair!
  • Marriage is an art – it starts with Monet, and ends with very little Monet left!
  • The wedding photographer was really focused on capturing every special moment.
  • The groom’s speech at the wedding was so corny, it should have been best maized!
  • The wedding was so romantic, even the invitations were sent with love and postage.
  • What’s the difference between a good wedding and a great one? Reception perception!
  • The couple had a seafood-themed wedding, and they were having a whale of a time!

The couple had a seafood themed wedding and they were having a whale of a time Wedding Pun e1707319212674

  • The swimmers had a wedding at the pool; you could say they took the plunge together.
  • The wedding venue was so beautiful, it was a match made in heaven for the couple!
  • Aerodynamics experts have the best weddings – they really know how to lift the crowd.
  • I’m not saying our wedding planner was inexperienced, but he was definitely wed-less.
  • After our wedding, we weren’t just the talk of the town, we were a toast to the town!
  • The bride at the wedding had a lot of time to prepare. She was a real maid of honor!
  • The lovebirds had a perfect wedding ceremony – it was truly a tying the knot moment.
  • At the astronaut’s wedding, it was one small step for man, one giant leap for matrimony.
  • It was love at first site when the bride and groom met online – a true digital romance!
  • The bride and groom were so in sync, they decided to have a wedding waltz for their first dance.

The bride and groom were so in sync they decided to have a wedding waltz for their first dance. Wedding Pun

  • The groom’s toast at the wedding went on for ages. I guess he really dragged on the I dos.
  • Make sure to spread your love as evenly as you’re spreading the icing on the wedding cake.
  • The relationship had its ups and downs before they were pledging their love at the wedding.
  • At the mathematician’s wedding, they exchanged rings and said, ‘Now our love is non-divisible.’
  • Why do bachelor parties precede weddings? Last chance to bolt before the ‘I do’ nut is fastened.
  • We were worried about the wedding budget, but we made a bedding of roses instead of buying them!
  • The couple’s wedding was held in a park, and the guests had a tree-mendous time celebrating their love.
  • Getting married is a lot like getting into a tub of hot water. After you get used to it, it ain’t so hot.
  • Why did the wedding cake go to the doctor? It had a sweet tooth!

Why did the wedding cake go to the doctor It had a sweet tooth Wedding Pun

  • Be sure to keep the wedding confidential, we wouldn’t want any information spreading before the big day.
  • It’s not all bride and groom at a wedding, sometimes there’s a little bride and gloom when the cake runs out.
  • All the wedding guests were treading lightly, unsure if they were allowed to dance before the bride and groom.
  • The marriage between a baker and a chef was a true toast to love. Their wedding was a real recipe for success!
  • Getting married in a non-stick pan wedding venue ensures nothing sticks but the marriage.
  • They said the wedding between the pencils was pointless, but they wrote their own destiny.

You’ve reached the end of the aisle strewn with laughter.

These aren’t just jokes; they’re the secret handshake of the wedding world, turning you into the toastmaster general of any love fest.

Go on, transform the way we toast to love.

Raise your glass high, pun prince or princess, and leave a trail of chuckles in your wake.

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