115 Hockey Puns To Stick Handle Your Way to Laughter!

Hockey Puns

Hey there, puck enthusiasts! 🏒 Ever tried to break the ice at a party with a hilarious hockey pun, only to feel like you’ve just face-planted on a slippery rink?

Trust me, we’ve all been there. Crafting that perfect, stick-to-your-bones joke that scores big with your pals isn’t always a breezy glide in the park.

Guess what? We’ve got your back. Dive into this article, and you’ll be armed with zingers that will leave you howling harder than a stadium horn after a game-winning goal.

Let’s drop the puck and get started! 🎉🥅

Hockey Puns

  • That was a hockey-larious game!
  • I’m stick-ing to my love for hockey.
  • His skills on the rink are hockey-stounding!
  • Feeling a bit board? Try hockey!
  • I find hockey puck-ticularly interesting.
  • Hockey up, we’re late for the game!
  • After a hat trick, the crowd chants: “Hockey-lujah!”
  • I’m hockey-ing to understand the game rules.
  • Stick with me, and you’ll learn all about hockey.
  • Don’t puck with me!

Don't puck with me! - Hockey Pun

  • I’m on thin ice, and I don’t have my hockey skates.
  • I’ve got too many goals in life, just like a hockey star.
  • I’m a big fan of hockey, it really puck-ers me up.
  • That hockey player is a real puck-er up.
  • After a rough game, the hockey puck felt so dented.
  • The hockey player’s favorite drink is a puck-accino!
  • Keep your eyes on the puck unless you’re a referee, then keep your eyes on the players.
  • For hockey players, every problem just slides away.
  • In a bakery, a hockey player would order ice buns every time!
  • You won’t find a hockey player at a BBQ, they prefer everything chilled!
  • Slapshot through the heart.

Slapshot through the heart. - Hockey Pun

  • When hockey players write, they always use icy blue ink.
  • Hockey  players always have  the  coolest birthdays; they’re ice-lebrations!
  • If life is a game, hockey players would always have the coolest advantage!
  • The hockey team went to the bank for a bounce check.
  • The hockey player excelled in math due to his knowledge of angles.
  • The hockey book was full of slapstick moments, making it engaging.
  • Hockey players always sit between the pucks.
  • Hockey players never sweat because they have too many fans!
  • I bought a new hockey stick, but I’m still not getting any net income!
  • I told my friend a hockey joke, but it slid right past him.
  • Hockey players avoid sharing secrets on the rink since the walls have ears and the ice can’t keep from cracking up.

He shoots, he snores! - Hockey Pun

  • I dated a hockey player once; it was cool until we broke the ice!
  • Hockey players don’t need a freezer; they always break the ice themselves!
  • My hockey pun at dinner served as a perfect ice breaker.
  • The hockey player preferred cold coffee, reflecting his love for all things on ice.
  • Hockey players love mornings; it’s the best time for a fresh start on ice!
  • You can’t play hockey with pigs because they hog the puck!
  • The best place to shop for a hockey shirt is New Jersey!
  • Hockey players are good at making new friends. They break the ice really quickly.
  • The hockey player went to the bakery because he needed a good roll!
  • You’re a big hockey fan if you want to get married on a breakaway!
  • In the world of shoes, hockey players prefer ice skates; every step is a goal-driven glide!
  • Gettin’ icy with it.

Gettin' icy with it. - Hockey Pun

  • The hockey book was hard to finish because it had too many face-offs!
  • The hockey player made a great musician with his perfect penalty timing!
  • Hockey players always bring string to the game because they want to tie it up!
  • Hockey players avoid watering the garden to prevent tripping on the hose!
  • I asked the hockey player about his diet, he said it’s all about balanced (ice) meals!
  • Hockey players struggle with dancing because they can’t get over the boards!
  • I tried cooking like a hockey player, but I slipped up – everything was just pan-fried!
  • Hockey players make terrible secret agents. Everyone can see their goals!
  • I keep my hockey puns to a minimum because too many can lead to a penalty!
  • Yeast isn’t used in making a hockey puck because no one wants a risqué shot!
  • The hockey puck attended school to better circulate around the rink.
  • The scarecrow won the hockey MVP for being outstanding in his field.
  • When the doughnut got drafted onto the hockey team, they put a hole lot of effort in the game.

When the doughnut got drafted onto the hockey team, they put a hole lot of effort in the game. - Hockey Pun

  • The musical hockey goalie’s specialty was blocking high notes.
  • The hockey player couldn’t find his tea. It was stuck in the penalty cup!
  • The chameleon joined the hockey team and excelled being invisible on the ice.
  • Hockey players don’t go on vacation because they’re afraid they’ll miss a great check-in!
  • Hockey players don’t make good comedians because their jokes always fall flat on ice!
  • When birds play hockey, it’s always a fowl play.
  • Stick to the plan, just like in hockey.
  • The hockey player wasn’t a good cook because every time he tried, he’d get into a heated face-off!
  • I asked the hockey player for a joke, and he gave me a puck line.
  • Stick it to ’em!

Stick it to 'em! - Hockey Pun

  • I told a hockey joke, but it got checked before the punchline.
  • I wanted to make a hockey salad, but alas, it was a toss-up!
  • When the moon plays hockey, it’s all about the crescent shot.
  • The octopus was a fan of hockey because of its natural stick-handling skills.
  • I tried underwater hockey, but it was just too deep for me.
  • The hockey game was so bad because of all the cheap shots.
  • The magician joined the hockey team and soon became the master of deception.
  • When the tomato played hockey, he was always left behind because he couldn’t ketchup!

When the tomato played hockey, he was always left behind because he couldn't ketchup! - Hockey Pun

  • The hockey player attended art school to perfect his stick figure.
  • The hockey player attended school for a high stick-ing grade.
  • The hockey player’s ambitions stretched goals beyond the rink.
  • The hockey player turned to piano because he loved the sound of slap shots.
  • The hockey player was told to slow down, but he just kept skating at break-neck speeds.
  • The hockey player broke up with his girlfriend, calling her a puck-tease.
  • The hockey player was taken to jail because he shot a goal.
  • Hockey players are like goldfish. The way we get their attention is to tap on the glass.
  • The hockey player always brought an extra pair of shoelaces to tie the score.
  • The football player decided to join hockey, figuring it was a good goal exchange program.
  • Our best hockey player wears a hat because he’s always aiming for a hat-trick.
  • The new ice hockey player had cold feet, which explained his performance.
  • Just like cookies, hockey players excel in baking (backing) skills!
  • Hockey players prefer round pizzas for practice as they resemble perfect saucers.
  • The most affectionate hockey player always hugs the boards.
  • If lawyers played hockey, there would be a lot more suits on the ice!

If lawyers played hockey, there would be a lot more suits on the ice! - Hockey Pun

  • When playing hockey, the circus clown kept a spare puck because he always wanted to clown around.
  • The hockey player’s dog always fetches his stick because he’s paw-some at fore-check.
  • When the race car driver got into hockey, he was always in the driver’s seat during games!
  • The river joined the hockey team and it had an amazing flow but it was always offside due to current conditions.
  • The carpenter made an excellent hockey player, he always nailed the goal.
  • The volcano joined the hockey team but kept getting penalties for erupting too soon.
  • The astronaut’s career as a hockey player was short-lived; he always shot his pucks out of orbit.
  • The tomato on the hockey team often found itself squashed during the game.
  • The ghost excelled in hockey, always aiming straight for the ghouls!
  • When veggies play hockey, lettuce say it’s a salad competition!

When veggies play hockey, lettuce say it's a salad competition! - Hockey Pun

  • If a hockey player was a superhero, they’d be Ice-man – always cool under pressure!
  • Hockey players always have the best New Year’s resolutions; they believe in starting on a clean ice!
  • In the world of stocks, hockey players always invest in ICE – they know it’s a sure shot!
  • When it comes to art, hockey players love ice sculptures; they see beauty in every freeze frame!
  • Out of all dances, hockey players are drawn to the ice waltz; it captures their glide and grace!
  • When the weatherman plays hockey, he’s always forecasted to win!
  • The bicycle couldn’t play hockey because it was two-tired!
  • When the sun plays hockey, it always blazes across the ice!
  • When hockey players practice their alphabet, they always get stuck on the letter ‘P’ – puck!
  • Fish playing hockey? That’s some deep-sea defense!
  • A ghost’s favorite hockey position is the ghoulie.
  • The best hockey player on the computer team? The keyboard’s shift key!
  • When the mummy played hockey, he was all wrapped up in the game!
  • When witches play hockey, they always broom the competition.

Oh, and just like that, we’ve skated to the end of our hilarious hockey journey! 🏒✨

But remember, these puns aren’t just about scoring laughs at your next get-together. Just as a hockey game isn’t only about goals but the strategies, plays, and teamwork, humor is more than just the punchline.

So, next time you’re looking to light up a room, take a shot, use a pun, and watch as the game of life becomes a thrilling match full of unexpected twists and turns.

Keep those skates sharp and your wit sharper, champ! 🥇🎉

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