135 Bag Puns That Are Tote-ally Hilarious!

Bag Puns

Hey there, pun-lovers! Get ready to lighten your day with the wittiest bag puns around.

These puns are more than just laughs; they’re your new go-to for breaking the ice and sparking joy in any chat.

They’re simple, clever, and guaranteed to bring a smile.

So, whether you’re a pun pro or just looking for a giggle, this list is for you. Let’s dive in and unpack the fun together!

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Bag Puns

  • I’m bag in business!
  • Don’t bag down now.
  • He’s a big bag on campus.
  • Let’s bag-gin our journey!
  • Keep calm and carry a bag.
  • Feeling a little baggy today.
  • You’re the duffle of my eye!
  • These puns are bag-tastic.
  • A bag full of pouch-tential.
  • Don’t get your bags in a twist!
  • That’s a tote-ally awesome bag!
  • A duffle dose of fun.

A duffle dose of fun. Bag Pun

  • Purse-onality speaks louder than words.
  • He’s got a mixed bag of talents.
  • I have too much emotional bag-gage.
  • That’s a bag-nificent piece of art!
  • She’s the queen of clutch decisions.
  • This bag seals the deal—it’s clutch.
  • These puns have me bagged and tagged.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one bag.
  • Caught red-handed with a red handbag!
  • A bag with a hole: un-bag-lievable!
  • This bag is a cinch to carry around.
  • That’s a handbag of humor right there.
  • I’m not a regular bag; I’m a cool bag.
  • Purse-uing happiness one bag at a time.
  • Gym bags: where weight issues are real.
  • Bagging up the laughs, one pun at a time.
  • We’re on a roll with these wheeled bag puns.
  • Having a tote-al blast!

Having a tote al blast Bag Pun

  • I’m not just any bag; I’m a bundle of joy.
  • Don’t let this opportunity tote away – seize the bag!
  • I’ve got a handle on things with this bag.
  • We’re all just crossbody bags crossing paths.
  • This problem’s bigger than my oversized tote.
  • I’m just going to let the bag out of the cat.
  • Satchel up for a punny ride, it’s in the bag!
  • A computer’s favorite accessory? A laptop bag!
  • These puns are a mixed bag of high-end humor!
  • I’ve got a tote-lot of love for these bags!
  • In fashion, no bag brag means you’re just a lag!
  • Tote bags – carrying emotional baggage in style.
  • They’re having a real bag-off at the competition.
  • When in doubt, pack it in the duffle of laughter.
  • I had a joke about a paper bag, but it’s tearable.
  • I’m tote-ally into bags, they really hold my life together.
  • This bag of puns has me in stiches!
  • I’m just duffel-ing around with this bag!
  • Handbags: where style meets wanderlust.
  • Keep your dreams close and your handbag closer.
  • Call me a messenger bag, because I always deliver.
  • In the clutch of the moment.

In the clutch of the moment. Bag Pun

  • My rag’s so old, it’s begging for a retirement bag.
  • I’m not just a wise-guy, I’m a sling-bag of wisdom.
  • I’m not just a bag carrier, I’m a bag-connoisseur.
  • My bag’s so stylish, it’s always in a bragg-ing mood.
  • Like a good clutch, I’m here to hold it all together.
  • This bag’s not just spacious; it’s all-encompassing.
  • He’s not just a musician; he’s got the whole swag bag.
  • I spilled bagel crumbs all over my bagage on the plane.
  • No need to clutch your pearls, these bag are gems!
  • No trashy puns, just a bag full of laughs here!
  • Purse-onally, I think you are tote-ally hilarious.
  • This bag’s not half empty or half full; it’s reusable.
  • Don’t get your bagels in a twist – let’s baguette along.
  • Life’s a journey – pack it full with a great travel bag!
  • I’m a bag enthusiast – it’s my carry-on of choice.
  • My bag is the key to my happiness – it’s a lock tote.
  • Bag to basics – because sometimes, simple is the new chic.
  • This bag’s not just a carrier, it’s a fashion statement.
  • Just satchel-ing down.

Just satchel ing down. Bag Pun

  • I may not be a gym bag, but I still carry a lot of weight!
  • Packed with potential, like a trusty backpack at its best!
  • Call me a bagabond; always traveling, never just settling.
  • A bag told the suitcase, ‘You’re just a case of bag-envy!’
  • I’ve got a handle on life, just like my favorite tote bag!
  • Tote bags are my canvas – I paint the town stylish!
  • Don’t be a duffel bag, be a duffel queen!
  • Purse-verance is the key to a well-stocked bag collection.
  • Pocketbook your adventure, because every bag tells a story.
  • My friend is a bit of a bag hog, always borrowing my purses.
  • The maid asked for a bag raise after years of cleaning rooms.
  • I’m like a reusable bag – eco-friendly and ready for anything!
  • I’m a sleeping-bag of energy – just unzip and I’m ready to go!
  • Satchel-ite view: My bag’s so stellar, it’s spotted from space!
  • I have a knapsack full of jokes, but I’ll just handbag you one.
  • Forget diamonds, the real girl’s best friend is her bag collection!
  • I’m duffel minded about which bag to choose.
  • I’m fanny pack-ing all my essentials in this bag.
  • Satchel your worries and carry a stylish bag.
  • You’re never fully dressed without a smile and a stylish bag on your arm.
  • My friend offered to help with groceries, but he was just toting around!
  • I don’t want to bragg, but my new bag’s the talk of the tote-n!
  • I’m not a hoarder, I just have a lot of emotional bag-gage.
  • I like my jokes like I like my bags – full of carryon-s.
  • I’m sack-cited to tote-ally bag your attention!
  • The bag auditioned to be the show’s star-bag!

The bag auditioned to be the shows star bag Bag Pun

  • I hope you can excuse my bag manners for arriving late to dinner.
  • I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, and even more in my handbag!
  • Shopping spree mode: This bag’s just the tip of my ice-bag!
  • Joke-carrying bags always stretch it too far.
  • Bags in therapy: can’t handle their stuff.
  • Let your handbag do the talking while you conquer the world.
  • The scarecrow used a bag of straw when stuffing his new overalls.
  • When life hands you lemons, bag them up and make some lemonade!
  • A perpetually happy bag? That’s a glad-iator!
  • Let’s bag this conversation before it gets too heavy.
  • Life’s too short to carry a boring bag!
  • This bag is so clutch, it carries all my essentials!
  • Purse-onally, I think this bag is a great investment.
  • My gym bag is my workout buddy, always ready to sweat it out with me.
  • She’s such a fashion icon, even her rag looks like a designer bag.
  • Life’s more than collecting bags; it’s filling them with memories!
  • Every time I pick up my bag, it feels like a bragg to riches story!
  • When it comes to comedy, she’s got the whole bag – she’s a real gag.
  • I’m not just any bag lady, I’m a fashionista with a passion for purses.
  • With my bag skills, I could probably bag an Olympic gold!
  • Having a reusable bag is ‘tote-ally’ the way to be eco-friendly!
  • I’m not a magician, but I can pull anything I need out of my trusty bag!
  • Let’s zip through life together like a trusty backpack.
  • You’re ‘tote-ally’ awesome, just like my favorite bag!
  • I’m just a carrier of big dreams and fabulous bags.
  • Handbags always speak louder than words.
  • Don’t be a purse-on who takes things for granted – show some bag-knowledge!
  • People say I’m a ‘bag’ of knowledge, but I really just hold a lot of useless facts!
  • When life gives you lemons, make sure you have a sturdy tote bag to carry them in.
  • Just grab my handbag and let’s go, I’m not lugging around any extra baggage.
  • Life can be quite a-maze-ing, it’s like we’re all searching for the bags of our existence.
  • Embrace life’s adventures with a handbag that matches your daring spirit.
  • Your handbag is the ultimate accessory that carries both your essentials and your aspirations.

And there you have it, your arsenal of bag puns, ready to be unleashed into the wild!

You came here looking for a chuckle, but you’re leaving with so much more. These puns aren’t just words; they’re tiny keys to unlock laughter and lightness in your day-to-day life.

Remember, a good pun can turn a mundane moment into a memorable one.

So go ahead, make the world a lighter place, one pun at a time. You’ve got this! 🎉👜💬

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