72 Bagel Puns For Those Who Knead A Good Laugh!

Bagel Puns

There you are, fresh bagel in hand, a perfect cream cheese spread gleaming, and the sunlight hitting just right. You snap that pic for your Instagram, ready to pair it with the wittiest caption… and then; drawing a blank?

Searching for that pun that’s both “hole-y” and wholly hilarious? Lucky for you, we’ve risen to the occasion and baked up a batch of mouth-watering bagel puns.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to spread some pun-ctuated laughter on that bagel face of yours. Consider this your official invite to the punniest bagel bash this side of the supermarket shelf.

Bagel Puns

Seize the bagel.- Bagel Pun

  • Seize the bagel.
  • I bagel to differ.
  • You’re the bagel of my eye.
  • Bagel-tter late than never!
  • Life’s tough, but I bagel on.
  • Let’s make today a bagel-tastic day!
  • That’s the bagel catch!
  • Doughn’t worry, beagley happy!

Doughn't worry, beagley happy!- Bagel Pun

  • Seize the bagel, not just the day!
  • I knead to get my daily bagel fix.
  • That bakery has bagel-icious treats.
  • Rolling into the week like a bagel.
  • Bagels make the world go round.
  • Quit loafing around and eat a bagel!
  • A day without a bagel is a day wasted.
  • Everything is butter with a bagel.

Everything is butter with a bagel.- Bagel Pun

  • You can’t judge a bagel by its toppings.
  • I’m toasting to good health and bagels.
  • You’re the best, my one and only bae-gel!
  • In every bagel, there’s a hole lot of fun.
  • Seedy or not, bagels are the hole package.
  • I donut know what I’d do without bagels.
  • Bagel-ieve in yourself!

Bagel-ieve in yourself!- Bagel Pun

  • Bagel to differ, but I think you’re wrong.
  • Life’s full of choices, pick the right bagel.
  • Bagels are a round solution to a square meal.
  • Life is what you bake it, so make it a bagel.
  • A bagel in the hand is worth two in the toaster.
  • There’s no knead for negativity, have a bagel.
  • A bagel a day keeps the cravings at bay.

A bagel a day keeps the cravings at bay.- Bagel Pun

  • May your days be as full as your bagel sandwich.
  • Keep your friends close, but your bagels closer.
  • A warm bagel is the hole-esome breakfast you deserve.
  • Religious? Have a bagel – they’re the holiest food!
  • Keep calm and bagel on.
  • Rise and shine, it’s bagel time.
  • I’m on a roll with these bagels.

I'm on a roll with these bagels.- Bagel Pun

  • Don’t go baking my heart, have a bagel and let’s start fresh.
  • He’s in the bagel leagues.
  • When life gives you a hole, fill it with a bagel.
  • Now or never, it’s bagel time forever.
  • Let’s have a bagel talk.
  • Dream big, dream bagel.
  • I hope this rainbow bagel brightens your day!

I hope this rainbow bagel brightens your day! - Bagel Pun

  • She’s bagel time famous.
  • The berry best way to start your day is with a blueberry bagel.
  • Love at first bite? Must’ve been a bagel.
  • Savor the moments, like the last bite of a bagel.
  • Life’s better when you’re on a roll with a bagel.
  • The type of bagel that can fly is simply a plane bagel!

The type of bagel that can fly is simply a plane bagel!- Bagel Pun

  • A party without bagels is just a meeting.
  • I’m having a hole lot of fun at this bagel party.
  • Don’t be salty like a pretzel, be wholesome like a bagel.
  • It’s a regal meal, if there’s a bagel in the deal.
  • The way to someone’s heart is through their bagel.
  • Bagels – the only loophole worth getting caught in.
  • I’m feeling a little bagel-ligerent about being up this early.
  • This bagel is a hole lot of fun.

This bagel is a hole lot of fun- Bagel Pun

  • Be wary of bagels; they’re often seedy characters!
  • Time heals all wounds, but a warm bagel heals the soul.
  • When life gives you lemons, tell it you’d prefer bagels.
  • Life is full of rye’s and shine with a bagel on the side.
  • Oops, I dropped the bagel on the floor. What a bagel mess!
  • When the bagel saw the donut, it said, “I see you’re a hole lot like me!”

When the bagel saw the donut, it said, I see you're a hole lot like me!- Bagel Pun

  • In the race, the bagel knew it’d win – it always rolls best!
  • The bagel confidently told the pastor, “I’m holier than you”.
  • They say the early bird gets the worm, but I’d prefer a bagel!
  • I started a diet but it’s holey ineffective, all I eat is bagels.
  • His morning rituals are quite legal, starts with coffee and ends with a bagel.
  • You’re acting strong like an eagle, but I know your secret, you’re soft like a bagel.
  • When I inquired about bagels, the baker cheekily replied, “Doughnut ask such questions!”
  • The croissants took the donuts and bagels to Disneyland because it was a “hole” lot of fun for the family!

The croissants took the donuts and bagels to Disneyland because it was a hole lot of fun for the family!- Bagel Pun

Congrats, you’re now a bagel banter pro! Remember, these puns aren’t just for laughs. It’s about turning the everyday into a delight and inviting fresh, creative energy into your life.

So, the next time you’re faced with the simplest of things, like our dear bagel, challenge yourself: How can you see it differently? Armed with your new punny insights, you’re set to spread joy and transform the mundane.

Go ahead, roll with it! 🥯🚀

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