25 Gifts for Pun Lovers That Will Have Them Grinning Ear-to-Ear

Gifts for Pun Lovers

If you have a friend or family member who lives and breathes puns, you know the struggle of finding the perfect gift.

Not just any present will do for these word wizards.

You need something with a dash of wit and plenty of clever wordplay.

Well, you’ve come to the right place my friend.

In this guide, I’ll share 25 gift ideas that will make any pun lover smile from ear-to-ear.

From shirts to socks, mugs to games, you’ll find clever, punny presents that are guaranteed to delight.

So let’s not waist any more time…

A Pun-Laden T-Shirt for Everyday Humor

il_1588xN.988192409_mb8e.jpg (1588×1886)

Let’s start with something simple yet sidesplitting: a pun t-shirt.

Not just any cheesy text tee will do for your pun-tastic pal.

You need a quality shirt with fresh, original puns that will make people do a double-take.

I recommend heading over to a site like Etsy or or Redbubble for some of the best (and corniest) pun shirts out there.

This “I Prefer my Puns Intended” tee is a personal favorite.

You could also look for shirts with puns tied to your friend’s favorite hobby, job, or interest.

A “Ched’aar Cheese” shirt for dairy fans never goes amiss.

If you’re crafty, you could even design and print your own custom pun shirt.

Just don’t be that person who shows up with a “In Pun We Trust” shirt from the $5 bargain bin.


A Hilarious Hoodie to Keep Them Warm and Laughing

T-shirts are great, but for true pun perfection, you need a hilarious hoodie.

The best part about a pun hoodie?

It keeps your favorite wordsmith warm and laughing all winter long.

My top recommendation would be this “Don’t Moose With Me” hoodie.

It’s super soft, cozy, and perfect for lounging around.

B1i3u9-Q-KS._CLa|2140,2000|B1NMb657U4L.png|0,0,2140,2000+0.0,0.0,2140.0,2000.0_AC_SX679_.png (679×766)

For full punnage, get your pal a matching pajama pant or shorts set so they can pun and relax in cozy style.


A Pair of Socks with Soleful Puns

71k5Mqys2EL._AC_SX679_.jpg (679×700)

A quality pair of punny socks is an easy yet memorable gift for any occasion.

For punny socks that put some sole into wordplay, look no further than the FUNATIC Funny and Crazy Socks with Sayings.

These crew-length novelty socks come in a huge range of hilarious, irreverent, and downright snarky designs.

The vibrant “Duck Off” socks emblazoned with a cute rubber ducky are perfect for anyone who appreciates a dash of attitude with their puns.

Or consider the cheeky “Not This Shit Again” socks for the pun lover who’s sick of the same old jokes.

That bold text and profane-yet-punny phrase are guaranteed to get some laughs.


An Apron with a Side of Wordplay for Cooking Enthusiasts

il_1588xN.2524178019_jou2.jpg (1588×1918)

For the chef with a flair for wordplay, get them an apron brimming with puntastic humor.

This “Bun in the Oven” baker’s apron earns high marks for clever kitchen punnery.

Just watch their face light up as they wrap this apron around their waist.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with an old-school “Life is what you bake it” apron, either.

Zulay Kitchen Funny Aprons for Men, Women & Couples Black - Cooking Puns, 2 - Pay Less Super Markets


A Piece of Pun-Filled Wall Art to Brighten Up Any Room

61MjfUG58UL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1200×1500)

For pun-loving science enthusiasts, this “He He He Laughing Gas” wall art print is simply brilliant.

The clever play on the chemical formula for helium (He) mixed with “laughing gas” is sure to make any chemistry buff grin from ear-to-ear.

Printed in vivid colors on high-quality fade-resistant paper, the bold teal background really makes that punny text pop off the wall.


A Throw Pillow with a Punny Twist

il_1588xN.3513341424_5o21.jpg (1588×1286)

Pun lovers spend plenty of time lounging on the couch dreaming up witty wordplay.

So why not gift them a punny pillow to bring even more laughs to their living room?

The adorable beet illustration paired with that delightfully corny vegetable pun really can’t be beet.

It celebrates the simple joys of coming home while injecting some punny fun into their living space.


A Mug That Makes Every Sip a Laugh

Pun lovers run on coffee and clever wordplay, so gifting a punny mug is a no-brainer.

These unique ceramic mugs from LaughablePrintables on Etsy are a standout choice.

Each one boasts a colorful, playful take on classic puns like “I Appeachiate You.”

Peach Mug, I Appeachiate You, Cute Pun Mug, Funny Peach Gifts, Fruit Puns, I Ap-Peach-Iate You, Cute Fruit Cup, I Appreciate You, Peach Gift image 1

It’s sure to put an ear-to-ear grin on their face before they’ve had their morning joe.

If their interests or job have a punny angle, look for mugs that blend personalization with wordplay.

This “Lettuce Celebrate” gardener’s mug would make the perfect present for your green-thumbed buddy.

il_1588xN.1248749612_6nx2.jpg (1588×1906)


A Set of Coasters That Protect and Amuse

Pun purists put as much thought into wordplay as they do into protecting their furniture.

That’s why a set of hilarious drink coasters makes for the ideal punny gift.

il_600x600.4846124422_lbos.jpg (600×600)

My top pick would be these playful “Wild Pun Coasters” featuring clever takes on animal phrases like “growlers” for bears and “sniffers” for dogs.

Each sip brings a giggle with these around.

If they appreciate a good food pun, the “Rice Human” and “Encourage’mint'” coasters deliver a hearty dose of smiles with every use.

You could even make a DIY punny coaster set using air-dried clay and an assortment of puns.

Just bake on the text and seal them for custom drink protection with personality.


A Notebook for Recording Their Best Puns

61Z+f1137HL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (963×1206)

Great punsters never let an A+ quip slip away unrecorded.

Help them keep track of their punny musings with a hilarious pun journal or notebook.

For colorful wordplay right on the cover, gift them this vibrant “You’re Llamazing” spiral notebook.

The playful imagery and high-quality paper will inspire pages of pun genius.

For kids you can look at these punny notebook options.

71TFB6-GLPL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1482×1500)


A Calendar to Keep Track of Dates and Jokes

71BiL49UHlL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1500×1500)

To ensure your pun lover pal never misses a chance to crack a timely pun, present them with a pun-packed calendar.

This hilarious “A Pun A Day” calendar by Rockdoodles is a pun enthusiast’s dream come true.

From “May the fork be with you” to “You croc my world” every page brings a smile and a laugh.


A Greeting Card with a Dash of Wit

For quick pun hits, you can’t go wrong with a witty greeting card.

Look for punny birthday, anniversary, or everyday cards on sites like Etsy or Redbubble.

Their hilarious puns and illustrations are sure to get a laugh.

My personal favorite is this “Orange you glad we have each other” that’s ridiculously adorable.

Orange you glad... Orange Pun Greeting Card, Happy Card, I Love You Card, Fruit card, Birthday Card, Pun Card, Quarantine image 1

If you can’t find the perfect pre-made pun card, get creative and make your own.

A heartfelt handwritten message paired with a clever quip can go a long way.


A Pack of Sticky Notes to Make Messages More Fun

61cNccE79pL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1253×1452)

Sticky notes are a pun lover’s best friend for leaving trails of funny messages around the house.

Look for novelty sticky note sets with punny packaging or designs, like this one by Gotcha Covered Notebooks Store.

Your pal will be sticking memos and jokes everywhere!


A Pun Joke Book for Endless Entertainment

71eGfJNPphL. SL1500

Let’s be real: pun fanatics can never get enough cheesy wordplay and one-liners.

That’s why a pun joke book is the perfect present to keep them laughing for hours and hours.

“Pun Intended” is an hilarious pun joke book option worth checking out.

It’s jam-packed with enough puns to put a hurt on anyone’s funny bone.

If you’re feeling extra punny, compile a custom joke book filled with your pal’s favorite gags and guffaws.

It’s a memorable way to give them pun-tastic laughs for years to come.


A Crossword Puzzle Book Packed with Puns

91XKXe3X42L. SL1500

Punsters can’t resist a chance to flex their clever wordplay skills.

That’s what makes pun crossword puzzle books an incredibly fun and challenging gift idea.

For starters, you can’t go wrong with a classic like the ” Tons of Puns” crossword book from the The New York Times.

These tricky theme-based riddles are sure to give their brain a workout.


A Card Game That Brings the Fun

71MnQi+T-LL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (946×1500)

For next-level pun-tertainment, nothing beats a fast-paced punning card game.

A good pun card game like “Pun Intended” is perfect for family game nights.

Players race to match setup lines with hilarious pun responses from their hand.

For slightly more mature pun card game humor, try “Puns of Anarchy” or the cult-favorite “Punderdome.”

untitled-1-01.png (1080×1080)


These creative, irreverent decks are guaranteed to bring big laughs.


A Punny Plant Pot for Green Thumbs

71x8aiNhSaL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1457×1322)

For the plant lover with a sense of humor, a punny plant pot is a perfect gift.

Popvip offers funny succulent pots with playful puns like “What the fucculent” and “Grow dammit.”

These charming pots will add a touch of whimsy to any indoor garden and make plant care even more enjoyable.


A Tote Bag for Carrying Their Witty Essentials

Frog Tote Bag I Peel Good Pun Heat Press Print 100% Cotton Grocery Bag Jute Bag Frog Toad Accessories Frog Lover Art Bag image 1

Pun aficionados need a trusty tote to cart around all their pun essentials.

This vibrant and roomy “I peel good” tote fits the bill perfectly.

With its cheerful colors and clever wordplay, it’s stylish and punny.


A Keychain with a Clever Twist

71daEh0uTRL. AC SL1500

A punny keychain allows your wordsmith to inject levity into their daily routine.

You can never go wrong with a classic like this “My Heart Only Beets for You” keychain.

Its charming vintage style and corny quip will keep them smiling with every jangling key grab.


An Enamel Pin to Wear Their Humor Proudly

51ihcqPL5sL._AC_SY695_.jpg (482×695)

Pun pins allow your punny pal to showcase their witty side with style.

I love these vibrant and playful pins from the Tiny Bee Cards Store on Amazon.

Designs like “Dill With It” and “So Hot!” are absolute showstoppers.


A Phone Case with a Play on Words

il_1588xN.4241779978_s4n1.jpg (1588×1588)

Help your punster protect their phone with a hilarious pun-themed case.

This clear UV case emblazoned with “UR One In A Melon” is both clever and protective.

The see-through design shows off their phone while delivering maximum pun appeal.


A Cutting Board with Sharp Humor

il_1588xN.4095231840_ayjs.jpg (1588×1588)

Give their kitchen a much-needed dash of pun fun with a witty cutting board.

For meat-free humor, check out this cheeky “Chop Chop! Don’t waste time” board.

The rustic wood and bold text is guaranteed to make them smile as they chop away.


An Oven Mitt That Handles Hot Puns

Every pun lover needs an oven mitt that can handle the heat…and the hilarity.

This cheeky “Always Use Protection” oven mitt is sure to get some laughs.

The punny heat reference paired with that graphic is pure joy.


A Wine Glass for Toasting with a Smile

il_1588xN.1439994944_llfv.jpg (1588×2117)

Punsters need to keep their wits about them while enjoying their favorite vino.

The “Otterly Wasted” wine glass perfectly captures this spirit, blending humor with each sip.

It’s a charming choice for relaxing evenings or social gatherings where a little light-heartedness goes a long way.


A Cheese Board with Cheesy Jokes

71+mreO2oDL. AC SL1500

Give your gouda-loving punster something to really snicker about with a punny cheeseboard.

For the cheesemonger who appreciates irreverent humor, this funny Charcuterie board by Vastsea is sublime.


A Desk Sign to Make Their Workdays More Amusing

81JXvmkuenS. AC SL1200

Hard-working punsters need a good laugh to get through the daily grind.

That’s what makes a witty desk sign such a fun and practical gift.

This pack of funny desk signs by Fancy Land will give any work bestie a reason to smile.

The colors, design, and exquisite cheesiness complement any office.



Pun enthusiasts live and breathe wordplay in a way the rest of us can hardly fathom.

But armed with creative, pun-tastic gifts, you’re sure to delight your favorite language lover.

Fill their closet with punny shirts and sweaters.

Make them grin from ear-to-ear with hilarious signs and mugs.

Challenge their wit with pun games and books.

With this cornucopia of punny presents, you’ll show you appreciate their offbeat sense of humor.

Who knows, maybe a few will even convert you into a full-fledged pun aficionado yourself!

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